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iPhones and H2O do not mix……..

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Yesterday while changing lenses on my camera my pack slid down a rock face up Lone Peak and into the river below.  As I rushed to it cursing like crazy I realized that it didn’t get near as wet as i had thought because it got caught up on a branch over hanging the river.  I hurried to see if my phone that was in the inside pocket had gotten wet since my pack was not water proof.  To my surprise it only appeared to have a couple drops on it but i realize that there was a small puddle on the inside of the pocket.  Now my phone has been in the rain and endured the sweat of my leg many of times but …….I tried to see if it worked but ……nope…as I tried over and over to get it to turn on nothing happened.  As Buddy and I returned back to the car (he thought i was mad at him because of how much I yelled) the camera lenses started to fog up and I knew I was probably out of luck.  As soon as I got home I googled what to do incase this happens…..right now my phone is sitting in a zip lock full of raw rice…which hopefully will absorb the moisture out and allow it to work again…fingers crossed……..


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July 19, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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