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Two things I admire about skateboarding……

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1. The fact that you can catch yourself/jump off your skateboard when you fall.

2. The inexpensive start up costs.

or and one more…

3. Minimal gear.  Don’t need to pack an additional bag to carry your bulking skates in.

I really think the first two have really contributed to the success of skateboarding in becoming mainstream.  Rather than having to spend $300 on skates to try it, you can go to walmart and pick up a skateboard for $15.  You can even skate in your good clothes and not have specific pants designated for skating.

On the flip side, you will never see a skateboarder do a 3 story kink rail or have the ability of skating all the weird stuff that is out there for bladers due to the fact that their boards are not strapped to their feet.

But over all our passions and drive are the same and I have a lot respect for skateboarders that realize that and shred hard.  Here’s a really fun and well made travel documentary of a group of skateboarders in India that I thought was amazing.  Now I am just trying to get Jana good on her blades so we can bomb around the city we visit in the future….


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July 2, 2011 at 5:03 pm

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