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It’s weird how appealing abandoned industrial/warehouses are to me.  Not only are they gold mine for new skatespots but they’re also where my imagination runs wild….for both skating and design.  Thinking about it; does my interest adaptive reuse come from being a blader always looking for new rugged terrain?  Or does my interest for skating such spots come from my curiousity/interest in the possiblities that are out there for adaptive reuse?  As I have started my masters it has really be interesting not only to learn what I am learning but also to see my interests and hobbies begin to mesh with my career.  Although there are many unknowns, I am excited for the future.

Unfortunately this spot is, at least the loading dock is unskateable without a little innovation and alteration (the rubber bumpers and welded plates that fasten them make it pretty much impossible to do most trick over).  Luckily there were some extra pieces of iron angle which we wedged between the existing welds and a chipped out expansion joint in the concrete, and then leveled with a couple sticks.  BAM!  Made it work.


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June 24, 2011 at 5:07 am

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