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If you’re going to wear it….make sure it’s useful…..

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As of late I have become mildly obsessed with urban performance clothing…or that is what I call it.  I am one of those people that have a few pieces of clothing and I wear them over and over .  You know…. you find something you like and get a lot of use out of it.  Best bang for your buck.  Rather than having multiple things and plenty of variety….I am one who prefers QUALITY over quantity.  When when you’re going to drop a little more dough you better make sure it’s worth it.  Well I really am not sure why I started typing this now that I got distracted listening to the episode of BONES Jana is watching in the background. Practical and purposeful clothing….yeah I recently discovered how awesome it is to have a nice shirt that I can wear to work that is made of an athletic wick-away-sweat merino wool (requires minimal washing) that has a hidden cycling pocket (enough for my wallet, iPhone, two redboxes and an extra tee if i wanted) and reflective patching (so I don’t get hit by cars).  Or jeans that are made of a misture of nylon, denim and spandex that have offset seams to avoid chaffing from a bike seat, have reflective seams and print when you roll up the leg and a gripper waist band to keep you modest when you’re bent over your bike.  There are a few brands that are making this transition and combining the technical characteristics of outer and athletic wear with casual and even dress wear.  Companies like Rapha, Arcteryx Veilance (way too expensive), NAU and Outlier are some examples.  …Well once again I forgot why I was typing this…….There’s 2 of my cents.


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June 17, 2011 at 4:46 am

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