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Guerilla Spot Building 101…….

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As I have gotten older what I choose to skate has definitely changed.  I have realized that what I enjoy doing may not be what property owners would like for me to be doing on their property….and because of that I have pretty much based my selection of spots around damage-free areas….if that makes any sense.  So basically abandoned building, alley ways, run down areas and more rugged spots.  This may also due to what I am aesthetically drawn to for pictures and what not.  It could also be due to my blading maturing if you will.  I have now skated for 12+ years and typical ledges and rails do not appeal to me anymore.  Where as 7 years ago a perfect 15 stair rail would have been the best thing in the world….now a piece of sidewalk that was lifted up by a fallen tree next to a fence would be very much more appealing.  With all that said there is also excitement in creating your own spot.  Figuring out how to make stuff out of what can be found in a local abandoned building or dumpster and putting it to good use.  Some times some quikcrete is needed……So here is a pictorial of Guerilla Spot Building 101…..

Sorry the pictures are upside down at some points but you’ll get the picture.

Here is me doing a vertical soul stall on the end result:


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May 29, 2011 at 5:29 pm

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