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Get there before it’s too late…..ANTELOPE ISLAND

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In the few years that I have lived in SLC I have been able to discover some hidden and/or forgotten about gems that the area has to offer.  The majority of which are places and things that I enjoy and most people would not, and usually require some sort of trespassing.  Fortunately there are few that aren’t illegal to access or dirty and what not, but are just normal spots that people tend to overlook.  One of those is Antelope Island: a huge island out in the Salt Lake with one primary access point up near Layton.  Due to many people’s experiences with the Salt Lake, most would think that it is a stinky, nat infested, big puddle.  While there are times of the year when that would be true, spring at the Salt Lake is actually pretty awesome.  The beaches are nice and the sunsets are even better.  In the spring you can get a take of that seaside breeze but not have to drive 12 hours to California.  About a month ago we packed up the Volvo one Sunday afternoon and headed up to enjoy the sun and do some biking (me and Buddy) and reading (Jana).  It was blast.  And I only ended up with a few nat bites…..


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May 29, 2011 at 4:28 pm

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