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I have been blading now for 12 yrs (been a blader for 14, 2 of which I was a missionary in Peru and unable to get my blade on).  Because blading has been such an essential part of my life for so long, my skater-vision has gotten a little obsessive.  Basically what skater-vision is is how a skater looks at everything as a skate spot and how it can be skated.  I recently turned 26 and although my skater vision has matured and become more creative and open minded, it still is seen through the eyes of an 18 yr old body.  Evidence of that is how it took me nearly 5 months (given it was through the winter as well) to shoot my 4-page profile in Be-mag last year and resulted in my blowing my ACL completely apart, tearing my MCL and rupturing my meniscous.  Although i will figure out a way to get this trick, tonight was another reminder that maybe my mind thinks my quads are mega blasted and can make me jump a little higher than i really can.  Basically as you will see in the picture below there is a asphalt wedge that has “skate stoppers (asphalt bumps on it so you can’t launch out of it)” on it….well i figured, and you can see my skate tracks, that i could use one of those skate stoppers to actually help me boost up to the 5′ fence next to it.  Well due to the tight runway, the super high fence and the awkwardness of trying to use it as a boost…I failed……just by about an inch though.  So now I am stuck with having to think about how i am going to do it without making it any easier (cause that is the point of the spot…its like a problem for climbing, that is the fun in it).  So until next time……..


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September 16, 2010 at 3:00 am

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  1. The only time I ever heard you do a ‘cat’whistle, (was not at girls…) but if you saw a good skate spot…or a nice truck!


    September 16, 2010 at 1:01 pm

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