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eBay: Not a place for amateurs……

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My eBay skills were challenged yesterday and to some I may be considered the loser….but after really thinking about it you might realize that I came out ahead.  I found an amazing vintage (from the 50’s) Timex military watch that had steezzzzz all over it.  Since the current bid was only at 1.99 I decided to see if i could maybe get it for $5 or so.  A day after my initial bid and just hours before the bidding ended I was out bid.  I ignored the note that said every 12hrs the time is dragged by 3 min and decided to give my bidding competitor a run for his money and as we had a bidding match for the next hour or so, my love for the game got the best of me and I accidentally won it for 14.50.  Kind of disappointed at first that my plot to make the other guy pay more than he wanted for it, i was the one stuck with the situation.  But after thinking about it this watch is pretty cool and i really think its character will be worth having to move it ahead 6 min every day. …….

On a side note: I have started to fall in love with pocketed tshirts and the fact that i can put my phone in the pocket and not have to worry about trying to get it out of stiff jeans when i am driving and doing anything for that matter.  This new discovery has caused me to drop my phone multiple times in the past week and cause me to look for better protection than my current iPhone case offers me.  Not only did i find that,  i found probably the most “chic” iPhone case that you will set your eyes on.  Check this amazing $4 plus free shipping find:………..I am sure that it will soon be featured popping out of a pocket tshirt’s pocket in the next GQ……….


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August 27, 2010 at 10:34 pm

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