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When I was 10-11ish I used to roll down to South Central Athlete, which was just up the street from our house, to look at the grindplates and wheels that they had in their display case.  At the time aggressive rollerblading was just getting big and rollerblading products were being sold in your everyday sports store.  Still it was a new thing and not many people had started it.  It was a young sport trying to compete with skateboarding.  Every kid had baggy JNCO‘s and carried a skateboard, but from what I remember there were only 4 rollerbladers in my home town.  I would often go by Pacelli High and see all the kids skateboarding.  Generally they would just grind the last 2-3 ft of the ledge.  I remember seeing Ben Weis skate fast and grind all 20 ft of the ledge.  That was the turning point and when I realized how buck rollerblading could be.  As a result of them being connected to your feet basically you are only limited by your fear.  Anyhow as I was saying, at that time myself and a bunch of my friends were just getting into jumping off curbs and making launch ramps into the grass.  We eyed those wheels and grindplates at South Central but at that time a pack of baseballs was a better use of our $30 than 4 small/hard wheels.  Eventually I went in and bought a pair of Sonic metal grindplates and mounted them on my old Bauer rollerblades.  After a couple months of sliding down old pipes that we jammed into the links of our fence and marking up our back stair with the plastic of my frames I got Roces M12’s for Christmas (well the money to buy them which we did the next day).  Soon after that I was spotted in Family Dollar by Ben Weis wearing my Senate Halo sweatshirt where he asked me if i rollerbladed and I said yes and ran off.  Luckily enough my sister had dated his best friend soon before and about a week later they knocked on my door and that is where it all began………………

Anyhow the point of the post is that I just won a set of 8 of the original Senate line wheels off eBay for only $12!……….


Written by beastmasterbl8ordie

July 10, 2010 at 3:33 pm

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  1. This makes me want to start collecting retro skates.


    July 10, 2010 at 8:57 pm

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