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As my TOMS have worn out from flipping down the heels and using them as slip-ons, as well as Buddy loving the taste of the sweaty leather insoles, I have searched for the next phase in my walking experience.  A while ago I spotted an interesting company out of Maine on one of the websites I visit regularily; Quoddy boots.  They were pretty amazing but as soon as I saw the price they carried, being handmade to order, that hope soon fluttered away.  Out of curiousity I started to search for them on eBay and would usually find 2 or 3 pairs of their dock shoes up for bid.  I wasn’t interested in the dock shoes nor were they ever my size.  After a few weeks, a pair of the ring shoes popped up in my size but I was soon outbid because of my unwillingness to spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes.  Finally after a couple months of watching, a pair of Grizzlies popped up and they were actually my size.  A bit used but in good shape and with character.  I noticed that with only a little over a day left on the bid there were only 2 bidders.  That’s the first sign of a possible steal on eBay.  So I acted on it and was the highest bidder up until 2 hours before the bid was to end.  In the last minute and 40 secs of the bid I dueled it out and eventually won a pair of the handmade in the good ol’ US of A Grizzlies for a fraction of the price they usually go for.   Yes I am good at eBay……..

*not only did I get them for a steal but I won them on Friday around 7pm and got them today (Monday) from NYC.  How does that happen?….


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June 8, 2010 at 3:49 am

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