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I found these online this morning while I was eating breakfast.  The first one is pretty cool for two reasons: it was a 2 yr project that would require quite a bit of patience in order to get the end result and the pictures were taken in over 50 countries.  In the past few years I have started to wear raw denim jeans and don’t wash them until they are broken in perfectly.  My first pair of Nudies when 1 1/2 years before their first wash and I probably wore them 6 out of the 7 days in a week because i was in school at that time and could do that.  My first pair of APCs when 2 yrs without washing (those took longer cause i was working and could only wear them after work and on Fridays).  While i still wear those two first pairs and they are now the softest and most comfortable jeans, i have started on 2nd pairs of both that i was able to get off ebay for steals.  Since i am on a project now where i were jeans most days, my new APC are getting nicely wore and are about a yr old.  My new Nudies on the other had are older but don’t get wore near as much and hardly at all because they aren’t work appropriate and a little too nice to blade in.  Anyhow I just babbled a little too much about jeans…no homo….but enjoy the video…..

This second video I really liked mainly because it was an everyday thing documented in a simple and cool way and I really like packs and am a pretty big fan of the arcteryx packs that I own…..especially the Miura 20 liter pack that I used for all my stuff including my camera for 11 days in Peru…..I pack light….or actually I pack tight because Kat’s 50 liter weight less than my 20 liter pack….


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June 2, 2010 at 2:18 pm

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