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In all things there tends to be “Crews”.  This is especially true to skaters.  You have your crew that you blade with; a group of people that are the first ones you call on the weekend and people that come from all walks of life but soon become your best friends because of that one thing that ties you all together.  That’s how it always has been.  It first started with the “507 skate mafia” (507 being the area code we lived in) and was broken down in the the 433’s and the 437’s when we held mini contest at our backyard skate park.  the 507 evolved into a larger group and eventually t-shirts were even made.  Everyone had one, and even though we were harmless, we had to turn the shirts inside out at school because they were “gang afiliated”.  Anyhow we all grew up together and were a pretty tight knit group until people got older, drugs happened and people moved away.  After pretty much being left the solo remaining member of the 507 my freshman year of high school I was lucky enough to have parents follow what I loved and made weekly trips up to Mankato to hang out with all my older rollerblader friends which had then become the LDR.  Although LDR wasn’t exactly what I personally stood for it was still a group of really good friends that I grew up with through rollerblading and they respected and looked out for me as the young gun.  When I would be at the LDR house over a weekend party they were sure to get me a six pack of root beer and introduce me to every hot girl that showed up.  Those were great memories.  Through the LDR I was able to have hook ups and places to stay everywhere.  I was also able to meet a lot of  the pros that I looked up to.  The energy that the LDR produced when we skated was amazing, so much juice and everyone pushed everyone.  We all experienced some of the most progressive years in our rollerblading lives.  For me, along with that progression came a nickname.  After I got in to high school and experienced my growth spurt i came to the hard realization that I was a lanky and uncoordinated boy.   Motivated by rollerblade (sort of weird connection) I started to lift weights and from the fall of my freshman year to the spring of that year (matter of 4-5 months) I went from being 6′ and weighing 135 to weighing 175 and then up to 195 later on.    I got bro’d out to be a sk8er boi…..weird….. basically at that point in rollerblading I started to day dream about huge tricks and that anything was possible.  The extra the weight and strength I put on protected me and gave me the ability to start trying stupid things.  That is when the mind set of the Beastmaster came out (dramatic huh?).  As a result of being bigger that most skaters, having really long hair, and charging at skate spots, I acquired the nickname Beastmaster as a joke that eventually stuck.

WARNING explicit language

**EXPLANATION OF VIDEO: There was a bet between all the original LDR guys that the first one to cut their hair had to do the “haircut rail”. After over a year had past the bet slowly wore off and I ended up being the first one to attempt the rail and the first one ever to do it from the very top (another kid did it from the 2 to top stair). After this the rail became the “Beastmaster rail”. That was the beginning.  This clip was featured in 3 videos; Them Apples, A.I.R. and Fruitbooter with my name and Beastmaster in everyone of them.


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May 1, 2010 at 6:35 pm

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  1. it’s the perfect nickname. that rail is beastly and you owned it. absolutely ridiculous. still blows my mind how you just jumped up after that fall.


    May 3, 2010 at 6:52 pm

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