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In the mid-80s everyone thought the trampoline had reached its highest point.  Not only were thousands of late 20/ early 30 year old women running in place on it but many trampoline stars were made by air guitaring to Elvis Presley in their underwear on a trampoline in their basements.  Then in 1987 Paula Abdul released her hit single “Don’t threat my heart like your trampoline” and the trampoline officially reached her peak.  Soon after that the trampoline’s popularity began to fall dramatically and many made their ways to the local thrift store as a charitable donation.  In the late 90s the trampoline craze was reborn and came back bigger and stronger in both popularity and size.  Every other backyard had one and being able to backflip made you cool.  We have since seen a decline in the amount of backyard tramps.  But in the heart off each one of us is a little power jumper.

I have never denied it but Janaka tried to play it cool in college and hide her inner power jumper….until Tuesday night!….. Lindsey, Gard, Jan and I made the trip to Jump On It……and true power jumping was reborn…..


Written by beastmasterbl8ordie

March 25, 2010 at 1:02 pm

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