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As I stood in a 3 bedroom condo (that will go for roughly $1600/SF or about $5.5 million) model room at the Montage Resort that we are currently building, I realized how much more I love vintage things.  The best finishes, top of the line furniture and appliances, and the multiple plasma TVs (that are everywhere…even the toilet room) never seem as interesting as something rustic that has a story behind it or a story in finding it.  We live in one of the most amazing little find i have ever had (Jana would beg to differ at times….live mice now dead mice that smell cause we can’t find them to name one).

Kaycee and I went through this fad of hoping fences, climbing fire escapes and exploring ghetto old buildings.  The cold slowed the exploring down and moved it into a different direction – googling architectural photography.  My dream is to “recycle” abandon polluted/brownfield sites and their existing buildings while maintaining their individual feel.   Consolidating the pollution, making the property once again liveable, giving the area a face life and incorporating sustainable building innovation into them.  Basically i have always felt that there are many ways to do things better close to home (urban) that there is no reason building traditionally and outwardly (suburbs/expansion).  Simple ideas put into practice can turn waste into something useable: ie shower and sink waste/grey water to your toilet then from your toilet your water could run under your drives and walk to heat them (above freezing) so you don’t have to shovel then filtered so the water can then be used for irrigation and other non potable purposes and the waste decomposed or disposed of.   Yeah that is what I think of probably a good 2 hours out of the day, mixed in with blading cool unique spots and Buddy, Mrs Anderson and I frawlecking in the wildflowers and then cliff diving into a crystal blue lake with moose and bears dancing to the beat of the Kool Kids.

Here are two vintagy things i really like:

Industrial steel buildings

Freeman Transport bikes……



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February 19, 2010 at 5:48 am

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