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Only in rollerblading world is 25 yr old considered “too old”…..

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As I type this my knees are throbbing, and shin and elbow are sore……

Even after all the support my parents gave me growing up rollerblading: bringing my friends and I to every ASA contest within 5 hours and making a weekend of it, driving us from spot to spot, building a complete skatepark in our backyard making the garage inaccessible, bringing me to the ER several times even on vacation, allowing me to spend the weekend when i was 16 up at a house full of parties, drugs and everything else because I loved rollerblading (and they trusted me), supporting me in dropping $3k on a camera (who summer’s worth of savings) and a lens so that I could contribute footage to skate videos, letting me travel to places like Detroit/Vegas/California by myself to meet up with bladers for contests, contributing uncountable amounts of hours pushing/fundraising/etc to get us a skatepark in my home town, and the list could go on……my mom told me as we drove to the skate park a few minutes after I had arrived home from serving a mission in Peru for two years; “I was hoping you would have grown out of this”.  Nope.  I didn’t.  It still amazes me how it for the most part (minus things with Jana) is all I think about and want to do.   Even if i am not blading i am thinking how sick of a spot that old crate, the piece of metal from that sign, up against that wall to that conduit on the wall would be while we eat dinner at a restaurant.  I really hope that doesn’t change and that my body can keep up at least a little bit with my thoughts.

Skating gets harder and harder the older you get.  You have a different approach.  Rather than thinking about all the tricks you are going to lace…. you know think about how you only have the strength to skate one spot and how you expect to end your little session getting hurt; it is just what happens.

Sorry its been a rough couple of days on the blades.


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January 17, 2010 at 12:53 am

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  1. Your post has inspired me to say a few things

    Not sure if you know who i am by name alone but i have FRUT BOOT tattooed on my knuckles. . . So now that we have that out of the way i need to start by making a confession.

    I haven’t skated for nearly half a year i returned from a recent trip abroad minus a pair of skates and when i finally got my finances back in order to buy a pair the snow came then when i got motivated to skate i realized i have not a single friend who skates anymore. Needless to say i NEED to rollerblade soon and on top of that i want to actually put time energy and passion into it and the scene we all share and have a responsibility to as rollerbladers.

    This brings me to a few questions.

    1. Is there an online place for the salt lake city rollerblading community?
    2. Is thursday night blade still happening or is winter kicking it’s teeth in?
    3. Is there a regular group of kids skating together and if so why am i not skating with them all the time?

    This next thing is more of a statement than a question

    My girlfriend is way into the bike scene and the bike scene impresses me in a lot of ways and i think we as skaters can model something from the bike scene that will help us grow and make our scene super bad A.

    It is 4 in the morning and i am super jacked up on monster energy drinks fist pumping the air being omega motivated so maybe this comment comes off as way dorky and will make me look like a moron but i hope it comes off as at the very least mildly awesome and we can talk more about our scene and skating and how we love it and we want it to grow and start more kids skating and get people excited about how cool it is to skate and live here in SLC.

    ok, i’m outs.

    Shayne Smith

    January 23, 2010 at 11:05 am

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