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Well…it certainly came in with a bang…….2010…..

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This New Year’s Eve was Jana and my first….yeah weird….first year in downtown Lima and she was in New York; we talked on the phone but were still apart, second year we weren’t together.  But this year it finally worked out.  We both were able to leave work early and get home in time to see the day light….the we suited up and the whole fam headed off to Sugarhouse Park to enjoy some moonlit sledding for a friend‘s B-day after which was a chicken-pot-pie feast.  Buddy was a hit and he more than enjoyed running up and down the hill and the company.  To finish off the night we were lucky enough to have access to the top of a downtown building to see the fireworks.  Bam! 2010.

Well at least she got a 2, two 0’s and a one in there.

Eric………(viewer discretion is advised)


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January 1, 2010 at 6:12 pm

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