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I’m no Whitney Houston but that wiper’s got beat……….

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As I drove home in the snow this afternoon to help Jana with her car situations (Due to an accident a few weeks ago Jana’s car is getting some body work done to it and the Kia Hondo that was given to her as her rental car didn’t cut it in the snow and she found herself stranded at the intersection of E street and S. Temple not knowing what to do so after a few tears of frustration and calls to me,  she walked to the trax, waited and took that to the Salt Palace and the walk the rest of the way home not realizing that it would have been closer for her just to walk straight home instead of getting on trax.  anyhow we later were able to exchange the Hondo for a steezed out Tahoe.  [yeah she’s ridin’ dirty like a soccer mom]) I realized that the speed of my windshield wipers was perfectly sunk with the beat of the new Pete Yorn w/ Sharlett Johansson song “Wear and Tear“.  I have always love Pete Yorn’s sound; since high school actually, and this is a new upbeat feel of music I am really enjoying and have had the three songs, one of which is below, on repeat my whole drive to and from work for the past 2 days.  Listen….


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December 31, 2009 at 3:06 am

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