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Snowblade….the first of the year…..

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After watching the Truth 2 last night both kaycee and I were juiced to hit the streets and blade it up.   We went out after the premiere and our excitement must have slipped on the ice because the cold and the lack of wax put a damper on that session.  Today was a new day though.  The high was supposed to be 40 and when i took Buddy up Millcreek for a trail run it was beautiful so i was hoping it would remain that way throughout the day.  It didn’t and after we both stubbed our toes on the exact same thing and the clouds rolled in and our spirits were down especially when we got kicked out of the ghetto spot for the first time by a cop on a loud speaker across the street.  “Uhhh OK?” but we did happen to mason stone and butter up some of the ledges i have been eyeing for the pass couple years in the middle of downtown in the middle of daylight and had brides all around us rooting us on while they got their bridals taken.  BAM! we got some fun pics too……


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December 20, 2009 at 12:02 am

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