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After not skating for a couple of weeks due to the winter weather, kaycee and i were both juiced to strap our blades on and shred.  As we pulled up to Crossroads skate park we saw that the parking lot was empty and got excited to have the park to ourselves…….As we walked in that excitement soon dropped and we found ourselves surrounded by 6-11 yr olds.  The only thing worse about being at a micro skatepark where you have to where a helmet, with a bunch of little kids with sagged skinny jeans and bright colored t-shirts that would be too big for me, with their bangs strategically combed off to the side so hang out of there long beanies is ….wait i just forgot what i was comparing that to….oh ….to be in a park with bikers…..anyway as we watched the group of little steezers go from one side of the park to the next, setting up the most random obstacles for them to try to ollie up and then one kid try to kick flip, we realized that it’s not right for a 23 and 25 yr old to have to hold their lower back in pain each time we get up to do another run in the mini ramp.  We passed the day reminiscing about when we used to be able to bounce right up after a fall and now we actually understand what it means to CRASH.  Yeah like “oh boom crash ahhhhhh ohhhh give me a minute” type of crashing.  But all in all the 45 minutes that we spent was well worth the hour drive and $5 entry fee…….right?

Pic 1: Kaycee with a “dead fish” into the rafters

Pic 2: “I will feel this tomorrow” alley-oop top acid


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December 13, 2009 at 5:34 am

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  1. Remember when you were 12 and duck taped your huge pants that you got from the salvation army…and now the next generation has arrived!

    Renee Anderson

    December 13, 2009 at 2:13 pm

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