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“Only the curious have something to find” – the band from the early 2000s called Nickel Creek

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I recently spent the better part of an hour googling “snowshoeing trails in Utah” which after typing in several other searches that basically said the same thing just with different wording, I found several helpful sites.  Following links I got pulled to different peoples blogs and what not.  The next part of my search was to find “dog friendly trails”.  I have attempted to explore other parts of the Wasatch Front other than Millcreek and the Cottonwoods and tend to find myself running into “No Dogs” signs which forces me back to Millcreek where they do allow dogs.  From my search I found a site that was something like or net or something.  There I found a list of State and National parks in Utah and their rules for bringing dogs.  At the bottom was a little forum where people wrote in suggestions of good trails to bring your lil guys and gals.  The very last one is the one I decided to copy and paste and email it to myself for future reference.  That is the one we set out to do today.  Just south of Layton pretty much right off of the Highway 89 is the trail head that takes you up some groomed trails for a bit then lead you to a canyon that has a great stream and little water falls.  At the very top is where you find about a 30-40 foot waterfall that in the summer has a little pool that you can wade in.  That was our goal.  I can see in the summer how this would be a great hike that is pretty easy to do.  in the winter you have the challenge of the ice that covers a good part of your trek up due to ice forming and more water coming to make more ice and expand the ice covered areas.

Buddy is funny.  His fear of bridges reminds me of my fear of handrails before i had actually done one.  Since it is snowing out and I was going to go blading, i have time to explain.

Every time Buddy gets to a bridge he crawls across it.  he is the same with the tops of quarterpipes.  if he can’t see the other whats over the other side he freezes.  But after he finally cries it out and crosses he is not scared any more.  I did my first handrail in Mankato MN in May of 1997.  My mom was the chofer for us and was sitting in the Windstar across the street of the school we were at reading a book while Me, Ben, Louie, Pete and Chad were checking out this 12 stair rail.  After seeing Ben do it a couple time and being juiced to be the first of us younger bladers to do a real handrail, i put on all my pads; helmet and all, tighten the cowboy belt i had on my size 44 jeans i got from the Salvation army and started going back an forth toward the rail checking it out and trying to get the balls to jump on.

I can’t remember how many time i had done that but my guess is it was a good 5 minutes.  The the fake jumps started and after 20 of those getting closer and closer to committing i finally jumped on.  5 tries later I soul grinded in my first generation M12’s my first had rail.  For anyone who hasn’t done something like that; something you dream about, are scared to do and then do it, it feels like the first time you spend 2 days thinking about how you are going to kiss a certain girl, how you are going to do it, when you are going to do it, and then getting to the moment where you have to do it.  Its the same feeling as you get when you walk away from your first smootch.  That’s the only way to describe.  Anyway, so i know how it feel for Buddy when he accomplishes something he is scared of.  You can see his excitement when he finally gets across and gets all wiggly.   Now after lots of pics, lots of slips

and cuss word mumbling,

gratitude for my Arc’teryx scarf which i got a couple years ago and still think it is the best thing in the word – yeah weird you say, but a polartec scarf that has a pocket on it is amazing, Buddy lifts – blasting every chance i get , no j/k he was too short to get up some of the rocks we scabbled up, game of fetch, getting caught in the snow,

sliding down an ice river, two potty breaks, and a nice run

down the last bit of snow covered, sand trail we got to our car to find a piece of paper that looked like a ticket from a police officer that had noticed i had some visual valueables in my car and had wrote me a warning for potential robbery.  Apparently Layton is where the hard knocks live……………………….

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December 5, 2009 at 7:27 pm

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