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“Hey Tony have fun at the ballet”…….”haha (dink dink POP-pec noises) make sure you tell me how that play was Brad”………

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Early morning hike with Buddy.  He absolutely loves the snow/ice/any form of water.  Today he would stand on the ice and then run off as fast as he could just so he could peel out a little bit………..then he would run a excited circle and go back and do it again.


Next- Furniture shopping.  Both Jana and I realized we do not like anything from RC Willey or anyother NEW furniture store…..which makes the hunt for a couch even harder…..we did end up with this lil treasure that we are going to use for a coffee table and a place to store stuff..


After a few hours of that i met up with Brad and we hit the streets….and since the sun goes down so soon, i captured this sunset stale grab….


Now……I blog…while I make din din for the wifey….

Next me and the lil lady are going to the ballet……ya bro……




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November 8, 2009 at 1:05 am

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