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“Was it love at first sight?”……no,…..are you making fun of me?……

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Seriously thinking back to three Laura Rees Birthday Parties ago was when Jana and I first met…..sort of….she was gettin’ low with kelsey on the dance floor and had a little waist belt that made her round thing, lady humps, pop out at you like one of those pictures that you could buy at the book fair in 3rd grade that you crossed you eyes and dolphins would appear in 3D…..yeah just like that.   At that time I had just gotten a spread in Be-mag and Gard and Randy started the totally awesome rumor that i was a pro rollerblader……she apparently had a “roller gang” and jokin’ly invited me to join….i was not much of a talker and was under the impression that she was making fun of me so i gave a polite giggle “huHA!” and walked away……that later led to me asking about her and then facebooking her…..although i didn’t add her as a friend, didn’t even poke her…..i just search for her through the pics of other girls i was meeting that i knew were her friends……and that was that….the following year Laura just happened to turn 23 and i got a facebook invite… the time i was secretly chasin’ the tail of another Kat……but upon arrival to Laura’s b-day i was reaquainted with the future lil beaut of the beastmaster and took a little desvio (that’s spanish) from the kat hunt i was on…….after making myself dance to “bigger faster stronger” for 3 hours just to stick around and appear to be “fun?”, the party ended and there was a little yearning for touch hug session…. the later that night i text’d Gard and Laura to figure out how i could make that day dream of Jana and i kissing for the first time outside of our friends apartment at the Enclave to the song Patience by Kalai that was playing over and over in my head on my way back to provo become a reality….. after multiple texts…i was new to the texting game at the time…so i am sure my texts were similar to my non-proof read posts….i got her number…..waited a day or two to call and finally figured there was nothing to lose and called her….the call lead to her voicemail and i left a true cabellero’s message and hoped for her to call back.  She did.  but i didnt pick up this time and she left a message ….the only words i remember were ” and when i get back i will ….MAYBE call you back”…WTF?…Seriously…what does that mean…..well…..i investigated and asked every girl i knew for their interpretation……anyways….as was in the message …..she called the day she said she would….which was a good thing because i stayed home to do homework in lieu of going to the library just so i could answer my phone…..BAM……the Oct 31 was our first date and the rest is a long history that resembles the rolling hills of the Swiss Alps that finally peaked out to a great view …that really is very much thanks to a lot of close friends…….

And now the honeymoon…


Oh the Jimny (yes with an N)…900km on mostly dirt roads….you did us well


Bad habits follow you everywhere… least now for the sake of our future ninos she is going to take calcium/vitamin D supplements……osteoporosis… thanks..





Causing rukus and make many costa rican mad ……just like my Nini, mom and aunt mentioned at the groom’s/family dinner…..BAD-A since day one.




Yes that is a volcano…..look at that hot lava…if you know what i mean……



Written by beastmasterbl8ordie

October 27, 2009 at 4:29 am

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  1. Loved the pics and we are still laughing at the comments! Especially the ‘hot lava’ if you know what I mean!

    Renee Anderson

    October 27, 2009 at 12:51 pm

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