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Wind turbines are quickly becoming everyone’s favorite clean energy. Unfortunately, there is a large amount of evidence that these not so lean, green energy producing machines kill a ton of bats and some birds. And not in the gruesome way you’d think–no high speed collisions with the blades–but in a completely un noticable way. The sudden drop in air pressure around the turbines causes injuries to the bats’ lungs, they call this barotruama. Yeah, remember that one. Thankfully for the bats, scientists have come up with a way to reduce bat deaths around turbines by at least 60% without decreasing any major power generation from the turbines.

The solution is pretty logical. Basically they just stop the blades from turning when its not windy because that is when bats are most likely to set to the sky. Common scents? How many scientists did it take to come up with that? Well, the matter was a little more complicated than it might seem. The scientists were confused that the largest amount of bats were killed while there were low winds, as opposed to higher winds when the turbines would be turning faster, and what you would think would be more dangerous.

And that is when the light turned on…….. the rest you will have to google…..

On a lighter note……

Check out these pants shoes……


Yeah they’re hot to go cop yourself a pair before they…….hit stores?…….

Next up is what I call ….Why didnt i think of that innovation..

I am currently working on two GREEN projects that will be LEED Silver certified buildings. LEED is the green building rating system used in the USA and Canada. As green building is quickly making its way up to the mainstream and as designers, architects, engineers and those in the construction industry learn to prepare for and executed construction in a more enviornmentally friendly manner it will become more attainable for building owners to make their buildings green. But currently it does cost more money and requires proper management in order to be green in the built enviornment. So if you ever see or hear of a LEED certified building, whether just certified or Platinum, make sure you aplaud and support those companies that are making an effort to do something more responsible and better for the whole. I babbled.

Anyway to tie that in to this bit of news; i have always wanted to work on a project that deals with grey or reclaimed water. In commercial and industrial applications it can be a little complex but look at this simple way to have it applied to your home.


uses the waste water from your sink to flush your toilet! Bam there you have it. brings you the news you need to know….


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October 2, 2009 at 5:07 am

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