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Outsmarting “the machine”

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So over the course of the last couple of days I have stragicall observed the behaviors of the vending machine in the breakroom and slowly begun to outsmart it. At first I realized that it would give me 50 cents back each time I bought something for fun price. I thought “hey maybe it likes me?”, then I discovered that “65cents is good enough” for a 85 cent pack of nuts. Then I put it to the test and experimented to see if just one coin would work. That was unsuccessful. Using my problem solving skills I concluded that you would have to insert two coins to trick it. And yes it worked and for the 30 cents I put in it gave me back 5. I then continued to test and evaluate and put in 2 nickels and goth trail mix and 20 cents back. That isy report.


Written by beastmasterbl8ordie

September 16, 2009 at 4:13 pm

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