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Mission accomplished………

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After Janaka gave us a stern talking-to, Buddy and I set out to accomplish one of our assignments.  We headed up to Mill Creek Canyon for a little stick finding expedition.  Basically in short the sticks are for the reception and we decided to enjoy the task at hand and do it while we went for a hike.  So we were off….


Trying to find workable sticks that aren’t attached to trees is a little bit harder than you would expect.  Here’s Buddy taking a break to wet his whistle and we searched for the sticks….


Some times Buddy like to play dress-up…..kind of weird….I don’t know…he’s 10 weeks….should I be worried?…


OK that was a joke it just thought the idea was funny and took the pic above..

We went through steams……..


Ran through rain-kissed grass…….rain-kissed  yeah sounds good doesn’t it?…


But the mission was accomplished…. the sticks were got……


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September 14, 2009 at 2:58 am

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