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Kaycee and I took a little road trip over the weekend with two babes (Jana and Melissa).  It was a long 12 hours on the road but with plenty of trail mix, and plenty of Reisens to eat (get it?  Reisens – chocolate caramel candy) the long drive proved to be well worth it.   We all left work a little early to try to beat the labor day weekend traffic, drove the 12 hrs with a couple of pit stops in between and arrived to sunny southern california to take up the rays and hit the beach.  Our main objective was to find me a nice suit for the wedding…but we failed at that…always get the short end of the stick i guess…but we did manage to hit the AA factory store where everyone got some deals, kaycee and i got a little blade action at the East LA skatepark which included an amazing drive thru the hermosa parte del este de Los Angeles…..spanish for a reason……we shot the shiz, and sess’d the park with my good friends Thanh and Adrian.  Overall it was an A+ park sess.  To end the night we met back up with the girls and drove around in circles looking for a vegatarian friendly restaurant when we ran low on gas and had to fill up.  Just to our luck ol’ Vic from eastern Europe gave us a verbal “you like” and some directions on how to get to the Farmer’s market where we enjoyed some gourmet pizza and some live music (look for upcoming polaroid time line post).  Ended the night by getting to the wonderful lil condo on the beach my parents were able to set up for us and taking a clothed midnight dip.  Sunday was Kaycee’s B-day and went something like this….woke up sore from sleeping on the floor, walked the beach while the girls slept in, went to breakfast at the most amazing place in Long Beach, got our blade on, beached it up where kaycee taught us to mermaid, headed down to Laguna Beach, came back to the condo, changed and headed up to the pier where we had dinner with Carlton from Fresh Prince of Belare, and walked the pier.  all of this can be seen in the pics below.   Like whoa brah.  Killer Waves brah…






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September 9, 2009 at 4:10 am

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