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Let me tell you a story…………………well three actually…………

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Today started out right.   After letting Buddy out to the bathroom around 6, he kindly went back in his kennel and let me sleep in until 8:15.  After that we decided to head up to Jamba Juice to cool off that salty after taste last night’s dinner left.  As usually the girls in Jamba Juice (ok I lied there was only one girl and it was the one who worked there cause it was 8:30am) went crazy over Buddy and he graciously accepted their compliments on his crazy good looks and stunning personality.  Buddy wasn’t feeling a Jamba nor do I let him but I decided to get a pina colada (yeah its not on the menu but …. ).  Amazingly enough the total came to $5.07.  Almost instantaneously I stood there frozen in flashbacks and memories of the 507 skate mafia.  Our area code growing up was 507 and because i am from a small town we share that with other towns up to an hour and a half away and……. like most skater bois do, we named our crew after it.  Those were the days…….when being bad-ass meant blading away from the Austin police and hiding behind St. A’s, being made to turn you 507 Skate Mafia shirt inside out because teachers thought it was gang related, and getting lessons from Chad behind Wells Fargo on how to french kiss with you hand…..yeah weird, but we were ready when it counted.  Bad-A.


Now this is more of a observance, and hopefully some of you may be able to relate.  This past Monday and Tuesday I was in AZ meeting with the owner and architect of one of the projects I am working on.  On the flight back I fell fast asleep as I usually do when I fly.  It was a great nap I must  say due to the exhaustion that comes from having a puppy and not being able to get to catch up on sleep over the weekend.  Anyway… I woke up the stewardess passed and asked if I would like something to drink and some peanuts.  Because I enjoy eating, I accepted her offer and as she brought me what I had requested I quickly realized that I had fallen asleep with my arms crossed in order to avoid touching the person next to me as I always do.  Once again I found my self not being able to open the peanuts’ wrapper due to lose of circulation and what some doctors might call “pansy grip”.  I was forced to bite-and-rip.  End of story.


The next is not a story………’s a poem……yeah, let’s consider it a picture poem

Buddy can’t STOP!!…………..


he ran into the camera.

This is my boo.


Hey boo….. i love you….


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August 30, 2009 at 4:38 am

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