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TNB – Thursday Night Blade was started long before I ever stepped foot in Zion.  It has been a weekly event for many different generations of rollerbladers.  It is actually how I came to meet a lot of the people I blade with for the first time.  I might have my stories mixed up but here we go….. My junior year of high school we came out to Utah to visit Cim who was going to BYU at the time.  With the internet just getting big, before heading out I thought i would post on be-mag’s original and infamous message board in order to try to get someone to show me around the blade scene in UT while i was out here.  Within a day I got a respond to my UTAH SKATERS!! post from Cameron.  Now I had seen Cameron is a couple videos and he was one of the big name bladers from Utah at that time so when i saw that he was the one that responded to my post I instantaneously clapped my cheeks in grom-dom.  We exchanged emails a couple of times and when i was out here he was an awesome guide; picked me up from the hotel, introduced me to bladers and took me around for a few days.  Anyway to get back to the TNB connection i believe if i remember correctly he took me to TNS (Thursday Night Skate later change to TNB).  It was there were I met everyone and caught on to the five to knuckle tap that they do in UT and eventually brought that home to MN and started it there.  Um where was i…… So after eventually coming to UT for a summer semester before leaving for Peru I knew where to meet up with people to blade: Thursday nights at Sandy Skatepark.  Which at first was confusing to get to cause Cameron told me to get off on the 106 and all i saw was 10600 S.  I later figured it out.  Coming back from serving a mission the tradition still kept on.  Although a lot of the bladers i had known before the mission had gotten out of skating, got into drugs or got fat, there was still a grip of bladers down to roll.  Jumping forward to now; Frodo (Jeff Stanger is the organizer of TNB and sends out the weekly text to all bladers to inform then where it will be at.  Unfortunately bladers are often times thickheaded (I say that cause i dont like Sandy park) and don’t want to go to any other park but Sandy……so…..generally if TNB isnt at Sandy the show is minimal, which isn’t a bad thing.  Rear’n up for next Thursday when i have my stabilizer and will be able to roll around again, i decided to put the pedal to the metal and get on down to Fairmont and catch some of the action.  It helped me to realize 3 things: I sweat a lot, I love blading so much and that i need a flash and cordless wizard thing.


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July 24, 2009 at 3:56 am

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  1. were is tnb this week

    gabe goorman

    June 8, 2010 at 3:35 pm

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