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Pet peeve #1……..people who litter……

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This morning after I woke up, stretched, cracked my back, put on a new coat of Gold Bond (swish swish) and splashed my face with some water; I straped on my Chacos and headed out for a morning hike.  On a side note: I am sweating while I type this.. and i noticed i have a quarter stuck to my forearm.  Anyway, I decided to head up Little Cottonwood this morning since I didnt have to prepare a Sunday school lesson and had a little more time.  A good choice it was.  I am not sure where i parked but it was probably half way up to Snowbird.  Man i am sweating.  I park and headed out with my camera in my pack ready to get some new blog material.  It was a great morning full of exploring, rock jumping, stump scooting and water wading.  I stubbled upon some old homes/buildings that i believer were from when they where cutting the granite out for the SLC Temple way back when and BAM! it hit me; what a great post to get everyone excited for Pioneer Day!  Kinda of.  Well i thought that for a second.  Actually at first i was thinking i was going to harp on litterers cause i seriously filled my wet sack with empty beer cans, firecracks, and a vodka bottle from some and was sort of “unghgh’d” from it.  There is no point to littering and it just ruins everyone elses view of the trail/area.  So don’t litter.  I am still sweating.  Anyhow here are a couple pics from this morning.  They are mostly random cause those kinda show the realness of the hike.  I do wish i got a shot of me scooting across the river on the fall tree that made for an Xtreme bridge.



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July 20, 2009 at 1:08 am

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