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Reviewed iPhone 3Gs…… all that hype for real…..yo?…….

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So before purchasing my iPhone 3G i took into consideration waiting for the 3Gs to come out.  s….what the sporty version?  I did a little research, asked a couple apple and AT&T workers and listen to 80’s rock while cruising down A street like the guy that just past by my apartment.  All I found was that the new 3Gs was going to have the video option…..which any iPhone has the capability of doing you just need to unlock it…..a compass and voice control.  Now those are all very appealing but I was about ready to pop the question to the lil beauty you will see me throwing in the air a couple posts down and i really had no use for a low quality video camera…..and i am sometimes a mubbler so the voice control might not work the best for me.  So I opted to save the ca$h and get the 3G.  After signing up for a family plan, Janaka was set on getting the latest and greatest iPhone cause she is cool like that.   Any way I know there are alot of reviews out there , sample clips, etc…but here I give you a raw example of what the video and audio is like on the new iPhone 3Gs.  Bon Iver at the concert series…….


Written by beastmasterbl8ordie

July 14, 2009 at 4:05 am

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