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After much anticipation and preparation mentally and …… yeah mentally and being excited; the weather, other obligations, and little time due to this weekend being the 4th of July, our trip to the  High Uintas was put off for another weekend.  To make up for the lost part of the original group decided to head up the canyon close to home and have a little morning hike.  The weather turned out beautiful and the whole time each of us wondered if we had made the right decision to cancel the Uintas trip.  We got over it and enjoy the beautiful weather around us as we made our way up to Dog Lake (if only i had knew the name of this lake before hand i would have ran up the trail).  Along the way not only did those of us with Chacos on get to dip our feet in the cool stream but we also came upon an amazing peace of art that was carved into a Berch tree on the way up that said “BAD-A Girlz”.  We took a pic (soon to be added to this post as soon as i get it from Gard) after finding the perfect pose and then pressed forward continuing on up the canyon to the most wonderful place on earth-Dog Lake.  None for the most part dogs are not allowed up Big Cottonwood Canyon but you would not believe your eyes when you see this hidden doggy hangout.  Dogs every where!!!  I immediately caught glimpse of a beautiful chocolate lab and pulled my camera out to take a pic but she must have thought i was creepin on her so she pranced off and i didn’t get the shot i was hoping for.  But there were others.  Including a couple – Mr and Mrs yellow and chocolate lab (see pic above), who were anxious to put on a good show for us on lookers.  All i have to say is once september rolls around I’ll get my Buddy if you know what i mean.  Dogs are wonderful.  Especially labs that like to swim and play.  That was the pinnicle of my day.  And what a great reward for getting to the end of the hike.


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July 4, 2009 at 5:36 am

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