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Today was on and off again beautiful.  I decided to take a quick morning bike ride because it look so nice out and ended up find myself peddle peddling home quick to avoid a down pour.  Then after a bunch of rain got dumped on myself I found myself enjoying a nice 70 degree day outside church waiting for Jana.  That 70 degree day quickly turned to a 100 and 50 degree sauna when I stood up to give my talk in church and began to pour down sweet to the point were I wiped my forehead and had to empty the puddle of sweat on to the floor behind me.  I am a sweater.  After a short little whisper to the cutie next to me, I convinced Jana and Laura to go on a little hike with me up Big Cottonwood after church and they quickly agreed.  These two little foxes (Laura I am not flirting with you) dressed as if they were out on the prowl in their short shorts and sandles.  100ft into the trek they were ready to get some blog material and gracefully my their way to do some poses atop a fallen tree.  The blog has been a craze around the Salt Lake and they wanted to get in on the action.  It was tough at first but the girls ended up getting a little taste of how beautiful and refreshing the outdoors can be.  They put their Chacos to the test and we made it all the way…… the half way to the top point.  The wind was wild up top (1/2 way) but we managed to snap some quick shots.


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June 22, 2009 at 4:55 am

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  1. I’m so sad I missed this. Please, please, please can we do another roommate hike when I get back into town?

    Lindsay Lark

    June 22, 2009 at 5:47 am

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