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So today was my 6-week post surgery check up.  Disclaimer: the following is not an exageration.   I met with the physical therapist and my surgeon.  After the doctor saw my range of motion and that my quad had started to come back my physical therapist said to him “in all my 24 yrs of PT I have never seen such a amazing recovery”.  My doctor agreed and said, as he checked the stability of my knee, that i had an idealistic recovery for 6 weeks, that everything looked “perfect” and said i would be one of those ones to be ready to go twice as fast and most.  I then asked him if i would be able to get my stabilizer brace hoping i’d be back rolling in no time.  That’s when he explained that even though my strength and everything has gone so fast, ligaments (acl) usually recover at the same speed for most and probably won’t be 100% welded back together for 4-5 more months.  He said he didnt want to give me the brace cause he knew that i would push myself and put myself in danger.  Also that because the braces are form fitted, if i were to get one now i would need another in a month when my left thigh caught up to my right.  so bad news.  He said he wanted to meet with me again in 6 weeks and we would talk and we thought a good goal for me would be to get my thighs to match in size and strength so………..body_builder_22sfwI’m going to get all bro’d out and hit the weights hard, pump iron, put it up, blast those quads. So on July 15 I can get my hands on one of these………..extreme_large_2And start doing this…………..


BL8 or DIE!!


Written by beastmasterbl8ordie

June 11, 2009 at 1:13 am

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