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Gay Pride Weekend

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IMG_0822We were scared.  As I was hopping off the TRAX I got a call from Kaycee.  I could barely hear him over what sounded like crowds of people yelling.  He told me I had to see the crowds of people marching down State Street for the Gay Pride weekend.  He was interupted mid-sentence and all I hear him say was “ok thanks officer”.  Kinda like Lil Wayne but in a straight sober respectful kinda way.  So in otherwords not anything like Lil Wayne, I just laugh everytime I hear him giggle in the song “Ms. Officer”.  Anyway as I was walking my bike, with two yes two flat tires, back to my apartment from the City Centre Trax stop I took a long stare down State Street and saw numerous people and multiple rainbow flags.  For anyone not from SLC, gay pride weekend is crazy and very amusing here and now with the LDS church being hated on for Prop 8, things have gone from a “gay” ol’ time to a lot of protest/hate against the LDS church, especially since SLC is the where the Church HQs are.  Any how Kaycee and I, both trying to get content for our perspective blogs, hussled down to snap some shots of the action.  Things got awkward when I realized that we were two guys walking together both wearing slim fit pants and smiles on our faces to a gay pride protest.  So…. we kept our distance and made sure we obviously checked out girls so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding.  “you gay?” – “no I’m cool” (inside joke- you know kind of like if someone asks if you want something to drink and you curtiously decline saying “no, i’m cool”).  So we got amongst the crowd and to be completely honest I feel I am a pretty tolerant person who respects other beliefs and ways of life but…..I was very offended with what the speaker was saying bashing on something I strongly believe and try to live – Mormonism.  With Prop 8, things have become blow out of proportion and many have misunderstood the reasonings many LDS people were for Prop 8.  I feel it wasn’t a matter of unequality but rather something that would affect the Church and how things are run on a not necessarily religious level.  Not sure if that makes sense and I don’t think that I need to make the world’s longest entry but ….well I’ll leave it at that.  Anyhow I love Gay Pride weekend for the really unique people watching opportunities and activities that go on and fill up the Galivan Center, Liberty Square and other parts of downtown.  So that was just a long description of this shot I snapped of a woman with the world’s longest rainbow legs.


Written by beastmasterbl8ordie

June 7, 2009 at 3:03 am

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  1. Was the rally peaceful even though a bit hateful?
    And what was Kaycee doing that he thanked the officer?
    I think it is pathetic that the California people exercised their right to vote and now one group is being singled out and persecuted for it!!

    Renee Anderson

    June 7, 2009 at 4:06 am

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